How to Solve Present Data Storage Challenges:

Storage Analytics and Storage Management as Tools to Gain Overview, Efficiency and Control.

Data Storage proliferates in todays IT. It seems that the more storage exists in a setup the faster it will fill up and needs expansion. This seems to be the case for all storage categories whether SAN, NAS, direct attached storage like RAID or cloud storage is used. In most companies there are storage products by different vendors in place. Additionally, multiple stor- age categories (SAN, NAS, DAS, Cloud) work side-by- side and multiple interfaces are part of the setup. With this come challenges to keep track of what happens on the storage, where attention is needed, what needs to be expanded and where might be risks for bottlenecks and interruptions. This makes it necessary to manage storage.

  • What is storage management?
  • What is multi-vendor storage analytics?
  • What are the benefits of multi-vendor storage analytics?
  • What is data analytics?
  • What are the benefits of storage analytics and data management?
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