Move Data with Archiware & DataIntell

How to archive and restore your storage with Archiware P5 integration

In the latest version of DataIntell, you can use the Archiware P5 plugin to archive On-Premises files and restore Archiware P5 files from our interface. We will walk you through the process in this video.

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Gain insights and trends in multiple data storage devices

DataIntell is an analytic tool that helps identify old and unused files and gives better insights into data changes, file duplication and used space overtime. It is designed to help deal with managing large amount of data growth and provide detailed storage analytics.

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DataIntell provides a single multi-device, multi-vendor overview with analytics, charts & insights, so you can take control. Quickly discover storage usage and cost on a project basis, detect irregular usage patterns and locate duplicate data. With Archiware P5 providing access to cold storage on tape or cloud, everything is pulled into a single view.


One of DataIntell’s many benefits will improve the forecasting of your storage for the next year. DataIntell reports allow searches to be tailored to meet business needs.

How to add tags

This feature allows users to manage files or folders with tags. In this video, you will learn how to add, manage and search tags.

Archiware P5 Plug-in

optimize archive on disk, LTO tape or cloud

DataIntell is a powerful companion to Archiware P5, which takes care of the backup, replication and archive to protect all files.

Charts section

With DataIntell charts are an integrated part of the search engine. Users can see the results in various forms.

Users and permissions

One of DataIntell’s features is to manage accesses according to your employees’ roles. This video will show you how to add users and manage their permissions.