Data has become the lifeblood of success in the media and entertainment world. However, managing data movement, interoperability, and controlled access within on-prem and cloud storage infrastructures, while trying to maintain budgets often results in companies being mired in complexity and unable to achieve business success. However, with CloudSodas advanced data movement and cost analytics solution, media and entertainment companies can now experience seamless control and visibility of their entire global storage ecosystem.

Representing the entirety of media workflow data—companies can manage content ingestion, camera-to-cloud workflow, archive, content collaboration, and much more—all while experiencing insightful cost visibility and advanced business intelligence (BI) for any storage type.

Its time for you to accelerate your data movement securely, embrace powerful data insights, and empower seamless collaboration—all while working faster and more efficiently, removing the otherwise common barriers of dispersed data.


DataIntell and CloudSoda

 Single-pane-of-glass for all your storage, on-premises, archives, and cloud

Accelerate data movement across your storage ecosystem

Find duplicated files between multiple storage sources and buckets

 Get started in minutes, scale up & down as needed

 Easily migrate on-premises data and tape to scalable, affordable cloud storage

 Enable media workflows by analyzing and taking action on data

Create a cloud archive moving cold data to the cloud


CloudSoda is the worlds leading, most secure accelerated data movement solutions company, enabling powerful data-cost insights and seamless collaboration—providing the ability to work faster and more efficiently by removing the otherwise common barriers of dispersed data.

DataIntell is an analytics software designed to help organizations better understand their data and storage utilization by giving the users the following information: old and unused files, peak usage, duplicate files or folders, and used space, whether it be on-prem, cloud or archives.

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About CloudSoda

Through many interviews we’ve discovered that our customers are continually looking for tools to take complexity out of their storage environment and they want easy-to-use tools to help them manage the complicated opex costs associated with the cloud. For the last two years, CloudSoda has been developing a set of software applications to manage storage movement that address these key two issues head on – complexity and accountability.

Whether you’re lacking insight into your cloud spend or simply unable to control your storage environment, Soda’s the perfect solution to take control of your bubbling data costs.

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