Release 1.8.1

  • New features
    • A major update to the File Management section:
      • A new folder tree style view that presents both files and details simultaneously. 
      • The ability to select both files and folders at once to perform actions. 
      • Customizable folder tree information display. 
      • Option to switch back to the previous view. 
    • For Soda users:
      • The way the files and the folders are transferred has been changed to not keep the file structure.  
      • Transferring files and folders is now done in one job in both the DataIntell and the Soda applications. 
      • A toggle has been added in the transfer job wizard to enable the transfer of folders with their structure, which generates multiple jobs in the Soda application. 
  • Bugfixes
    • Corrected various dates in the application that were in the wrong format or time zone. 
    • Corrected error message when attempting to connect to the DataIntell application with an incorrect username, so that it now accurately informs the user of the error. 
    • Fixed issue where clicking on an element in the legend of a chart in the analytics section would cause the page to go blank. 
    • Resolved issue where copying text using the DataIntell application’s buttons was not working in certain circumstances. 
    • Resolved issue where the root folder was not being scanned during the Archiware index scan job. 
    • Fixed issue where tagging files more than once on the same page would overwrite previously applied tags. 
    • Fixed issue where the delta scan option was not working correctly when scheduling an Archiware scan job. 
  • Miscellaneous
    • Storage timeline has been enhanced to provide more information.  
    • Added the option to cancel jobs that are in the WAITING status in the Job section.  
    • Queued new scan jobs if a previous day’s scan job is still running to prevent it from running indefinitely.  
    • Changed the naming convention for titles in the DataIntell application to be more concise.  
    • Updated the names and descriptions of user roles.  
    • Added a new performance mode in the settings, which makes it easier to troubleshoot scan-related issues. 
    • Added a new Network Volume concept, currently in beta testing and available only through the API.  

Centos: Download link
Debian: Download link

Release 1.8.0

  • New features 
    • A new plugin for SoDA has been added, available as a paid plugin. This plugin allows you to: 
      • Configure the SoDA application storage to be mapped to the DataIntell storage. 
      • Move and transfer folders between different storages using the new folder tree system. 
      • Keep track of the process from the DataIntell job section. 
      • A new role for users to have access to these functionalities has also been added.
    • For Archiware users: 
      • The option to do a delta scan has been added. This allows you to scan only the changes that have happened since the last scan. 
      • The option to run a delta scan after an archive job on the Archiware P5 indexes has been added. 
      • A global storage path configuration section has been added to allow for an easier management of the storage path configuration.
      • The text input for a folder tree when specifying where to archive or restore files in the Archiware index has been replaced. 
    • In the settings section: 
      • A quick access feature to set up schedules from the scan storage panel has been added. 
      • The ability to turn schedules on or off has been added.
  • Bugfixes
    •  Various alerts that were not being shown properly to users have been fixed. 
    • Erroneous texts in the archive and restore wizards have been corrected. 
    • The method for getting the list of On-Premises storage in the On-Premises storage path configuration section has been replaced to now get the whole list rather than just the first 10 items. 
    • An issue in the scan job lifecycle that could cause it to get stuck in an infinite loop has been fixed. 
  • Miscellaneous 
    • A new folder tree system, similar to a file explorer, has been introduced to make it easier to navigate and manage your folders. 
    • The way passwords are updated in the email configuration section has been changed. 
    • The File Management breadcrumb has been moved to be over the tabs. 
    • Examples have been added to some descriptions in the settings. 
    • The way numbers are formatted in the application has been changed. 

Centos: Download link
Debian: Download link

Release 1.7.2

  • New Features
    • File Management
      • Separated the files and folders into two tabs 
      • Added a search bar to filter out the viewed files or folders 
      • Removed the pagination to allow a quicker access to all of the files and folders 
      • Changed the behaviour of the action bar to be accessible at all times, even when scrolling down 
    • File / Folder details
      • Changed the related folders section to show the related folders across different data sources 
      • Changed the way the details of the files and folders are presented 
    • Projects 
      • Added the option to remove the folders directly from the “Add folders from file management” panel 
      • Added the option to add the root of a folder from the “Add folders from file management” panel 
      • Enhanced the search function in the “Add folders from a search” panel 
    • Archiware
      • Added the option to archive files in a different location in the Archiware index 
      • Added the option to restore files to a different location in the file system 
      • Removed the archive index step from the Archive and Restore wizards 
      • Changed the review step to show more information 
    • Job notification
      • Users can now receive notifications about a job to keep track of its progress 
      • They will receive an email giving them the results of the job 
    • Settings
      • Added a new option in the general configuration to set up a minimum size for files and folders that are tagged as duplicated 
      • Added a new option in the general configuration to activate a health check of the remote scanners 
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed the clickable region of a data source graph in the Dashboard section 
    • Increased the number of projects shown in the Alert Configuration creation 
    • Changed the tag duplicate task to include Archiware files and folders 
  • Miscellaneous
    • Added actions to each of the tag panels to be more concise 
    • Changed how the scan of multiple data sources is working in order to have more information about the scan  

Centos: Download link
Debian: Download link

Release 1.7.1

  • New Features
    • Archiware
      • Added the functionality to archive files directly from DataIntell
      • Added the functionality to restore files directly from DataIntell 
      • Added wizards for restoring and archiving files allowing for a better user experience 
      • Archiving and restoring files can be done via a search query 
      • Added a new user role to be able to archive files 
      • Added a new user role to be able to restore files 
    • Data Sources
      • Users can now add lists of paths to ignore for an On-premises storage scan 
      • Users can now set minimum sizes for finding duplicated files, reducing the total scan time 
      • Optimized the algorithm for finding duplicated files in On-premises scans 
    • Search / File management
      • Added a badge listing the total size and number of selected files / folders
  • Bugfixes
    • Restored the loading animation in the search section 
    • Fixed an issue with the job list pagination 
  • Miscellaneous
    • Added a modal to replace the in-line editing of an On-premises storage 

Centos: Download link
Debian: Download link

Release 1.7.0

  • New Features
    • Major re-design of the job system
      • Added a new Job page where all the job information can be tracked
    • Settings
      • Added a new email server configuration section where the email settings can be modified through the UI
      • Added a button to test the email configuration
    • Search / File management
      • A new checkbox is now available to offer a more effective file or folder selection
      • It is now possible to add tags to a search result
      • It is now possible to remove tags from a search result
    • Data Sources
      • Added feedback when a scan is initiated
      • Added possibility to scan any S3 compatible storage
    • Project
      • Creating or updating a project will now re-index the past project activities, and they will be shown in the timeline
  • Bugfixes
    • Now able to choose the last scan date on the date selection of a timeline
    • Now able to delete Archiware P5 setting if a project has one of the paths of the Archives
    • Fixed issue where cloud files would show “invalid date” in the table
    • Fixed icon position of the calendar on timeline cards
    • Fixed the error message description when a server is deleted
  • Miscellaneous
    • Esthetic revamp for the search result pagination bar
    • Added a separator to better distinguish the on-premises donuts in the dashboard
    • Reduced the loading time when clicking the link for cold data in the Volume details section
    • Added feedback when no result is found in a search
    • The On-premises panel on the dashboard will no longer appear if it’s empty

Centos: Download link
Debian: Download link

Release 1.6.1

  • New Features
    • Dashboard
      • New presentation of on-premise storage
      • Added the Archiware P5 chart for clients with the Archiware P5 bundle
    • File Management
      • Revamped the related files section in the File Details
      • Added the size percentage column for volumes
      • Revamped the user interface for the Folder Details section
      • Added the option to export as a PDF the Volume Details page
    • Projects
      • Added a filter field to filter out the projects
      • Increased the number of projects shown in the Projects page from 10 to 25
      • When creating and updating a project, it will now be indexed for all indexing dates available
    • Search
      • Added the option to export a csv file of the folders
      • Added the option to copy the link of a Search result
    • Data
      • Added ca-central-1 region to Wasabi cloud storage
    • Users
      • Added the option to deny all the resources in a group
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed issue while scanning files from Archiware P5
    • Fixed issue where the deleted snapshots were not the oldest
    • Fixed issue with creating and updating project not showing the right information
    • Fixed issue with deleting a project not showing the updated list of projects
  • Miscellaneous
    • Reviewed the names of sections in the application to be more consistent

Centos: Download link
Debian: Download link

Release 1.6.0

  • Updated Log4J2 library to 2.17 to address cybersecurity vulnerability CVE-2021-45105
  • New Features:
    • New plugin for Archiware P5 (paid plugin):
      • Configure Index source from the data settings section
      • List P5 data on the Dashboard, File Management, Project, Search
      • Compare on-premises files with P5 files
      • A subsection to list Archiware data and to modify it
    • Revamp of the data section
      • Creating a new data source (e.g on-premise, cloud, etc) can be done through the Data Wizard
      • A storage type can also be created through the Data Wizard
      • To add a new specific data source, each data section has a button which directly open its Data Wizard
      • A list of cloud providers regions is available in a dropdown menu in the Cloud Wizard
      • Visual feedback upon deleting a volume
    • Added to Analytics:
      • A new chart representing the cost related to the storage types
      • Button to toggle the chart’s visual representation
      • Button to download chart in PDF
      • Dropdown to select the date range on data charts
      • Reworked the color palette for the charts
      • Removed graphs that were solely about the number of files
        • This information is available on the graph’s labels on hover
    • Added to Search:
      • A more powerful data-source filter solution in the advanced filters
    • Minor improvements across all the application:
      • A more representative icon has been linked to archive data
    • Issue bugfixes:
      • No longer blocks a scanner when a volume size is missing

Centos: Download link
Debian: Download link

Release 1.5.1

  • Updated Log4J2 library to 2.16 to address cybersecurity vulnerabilities CVE-2021-44228 and CVE-2021-45046
  • New Features:
    • Revamp of the user section
      • Creating a user is now done through User Creation Wizard
      • You can now create a group directly from the User creation Wizard
      • Privileges can now be immediately assigned to a group when you create or update a group
      • The Privileges section has been removed; privileges for a group can now be seen in the Update Group window
      • User tables now show roles and groups for each user
      • The appearance of the user Reset Password button has been changed
    • Added to General Configurations:
      • A new option to change the URL of the DataIntell application
    • Added to Profile Management:
      • A button to have quick access to the End-user license agreement
    • Minor improvements across all the application:
      • A filter field to filter volumes has been added in the File Management section
      • Renamed the search placeholder in the Tag Panel Filter section
      • The Filter button in the Search section has been moved to the left
      • For clarity purposes, Type has been added to the Column Name in multiple tables
      • Prevention of the deletion of the last file index has now been implemented
      • Upon the deletion of a volume or project, the related privileges are also deleted
    • Archiware P5:
      • With DataIntell Core, you can now create an Archiware P5 configuration
      • There is added support for scanning Archiware P5 in DataIntell Core
      • There is added support for scheduling jobs to scan in Archiware P5 indexes
    • DataIntell Core job system:
      • The Job System has been modified to be more thorough tagging deleted and duplicate files
  • Issue bugfixes:
    • Validation license for new installations
    • Transferring tags from Bucket
    • The last scan duration did not show in Volume Details page
    • Copying the path of a folder in File Management
    • The error shown when creating a group with a name that already exists
    • Opening the tag panel brought you to the top of the page

Centos: Download link
Debian: Download link

Release 1.5.0

  • New Features
    • Peak usage and new Volume page
      • Show highest and lowest peak for a project in a specific timeframe
      • New volume detail page under File Management section
      • Analyze cost of a volume with cold and duplicate data
      • Quickly search for cold and duplicate data for a specific project
      • New timeline view of a volume size with customizable timeframe
      • Show highest and lowest peak for a volume in a specific timeframe
    • New easy way to classify files and folders with Tags
      • Add tags to a file or a folder in the File Management section or in the Search section
      • Select and add tags to a list of file or folders in the File Management section or in the Search section
      • View and manage tags of a file in the File Detail modal
      • View and manage tags of a folder in the File Detail modal
      • Filter search results by tags
    • Add End-user license agreement
    • New cloud support
      • You can now scan and search for data in Wasabi buckets
    • Profile management
      • Reset user password from the profile section
      • Update profile information
    • Minor UI improvements across all the application
      • Refactored the “Add folder” button in project creation
      • Changed title for linked files in file details modal
      • Removed delta scan concept from the application
    • ElasticSearch
      • Updated ElasticSearch library to 7.15
      • Added default authentication to ElasticSearch
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed an issue with existing projects when deleting volumes
    • Scanner: Duplicate folder issue while scanning
    • Scanner: Fixed an issue when tagging deleted files after a scan started the day before
    • Fixed an issue with an error on page refresh
    • Deleting a project should delete all related data
    • Deleting a volume should delete all related data

Centos: Download link
Debian: Download link

Release 1.4.4

  • New Features
    • Full schedule revamp!
      • WARNING! all existing schedules are going to be disabled with this update, you need to recreate them and delete them afterward.
      • Alert can now be created for specific resources such as project or volumes
      • Alert can now be scheduled to a custom cron or, as before, daily-weekly-monthly
    • Minor UI improvements across all the application
      • Project layout improvements
      • Search now includes cost by files and folders
      • Iconography unification between pages
    • Folders in Search now have their own Folder details on click
      • Folders details also allow to customize search, and link to file management
  • Bugfixes
    • File listing removed from volumes view
    • No longer need to be an admin to create schedule
    • Volume settings filters not functionning properly
    • Fix conflict between simultaneous scan bucket and scan volume
    • Show only deleted not working in search
    • Cloud files not displayed in File Details
    • Header button not working in file management when listing volumes
    • Removed password hash in User payload

Download update 1.4.4

Release 1.4.3

  • Administrators can now manage their users:
    • Creating, editing or deleting users, including reset password
    • Assigning users to specific groups that have been created according to your purposes
    • Allowing or denying certain resources to projects or volumes
  • Settings is now separated in 4 sections: General, Data, Users, Schedules
  • New easy way list all the files from a folder in File Management
  • The search section now allows you to search for folders
  • Small user interface changes

Download update 1.4.3