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Our analytics services

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New and improved file and data management

Our application is all about being able to easily navigate and discover the files located anywhere in your storage infrastructure. A centralized view of your storage and the appropriate tool to navigate will help you find patterns that are potentially costing you thousands of dollars in storage costs every year. Duplicate files or documents unused in over 6 months can now be identified easily thanks to our analytics services.

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Our new “project approach” to data management

DataIntell provides a project-wide view of all the files related to it that may be scattered across multiple storage. Take advantage of having all your types of storage connected to our API, such as SAN, NAS, DAS, Cloud and more.

  • Federate data from different storage units
  • Visualize each project allocated space
  • Accurately account for and cost, all data associated with any given project
  • Make a decision effectively based on metadata analytics and information
  • Get notified on project usage based on your criteria
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Advantages of DataIntell’s data management solution

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Instinctive dashboard for an overview of your most important storage information

DataIntell’s dashboard gives you a quick overview of your biggest storage variations, most active projects, file utilization, duplicated files, etc. At a glance, you have access to the analytics that matter most to you: make informed decisions thanks to an interface permitting visual project information! Take advantage of:

  • Analytics’s graphics for quick analysis
  • Snapshot of your latest activities
  • Filter by specific time frame
  • Clickable projects, storage and files to view information quickly

User-friendly interface

Access your content anywhere at any time with the responsive web design that works seamlessly on your phone, tablet and computer. DataIntell offers a friendly interface for maximum productivity.

We are on the cloud too!

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Get the storage support you need from anywhere in the world

DataIntell storage solution is also available for the cloud, where users simply need a small VM on premises to scan the infrastructure. With cloud hosting, efficiently managing and monitoring your data while saving on storage costs is easy to do. Take advantage of DataIntell from anywhere, all you need is internet access.

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