In the ever-evolving landscape of collaborative tools, LucidLink Filespace and DataIntell have joined forces to offer a comprehensive solution tailored to the dynamic needs of modern businesses and creative professionals. LucidLink Filespace sets the stage by redefining cloud-based file collaboration, providing a seamless and secure environment for teams to access, share, and collaborate on files globally. This, coupled with the powerful storage analytics capabilities of DataIntell, creates a synergy that not only transforms collaboration but also augments data intelligence, setting a new standard for efficiency and innovation.

LucidLink Filespace

What it is

LucidLink’s award-winning SaaS provides the fastest access to data assets in the cloud, enabling access to files like working off a local drive. The platform is available on all major operating systems, including macOS, Windows, and Linux. Data is entirely secure with a Zero-Knowledge, AES 256 encryption model, where all files are encrypted at rest and in flight.

LucidLink Advanced is bundled with IBM Cloud storage without egress fees. Keep your files safe and secure. Accelerate your workflows with real-time data access — no downloading or syncing. Users can easily collaborate from a single shared space designed to eliminate versioning conflicts, copying of files, and media relinking.

This high-performance solution includes premium features and support.

Maximizing Efficiency and Innovation with

DataIntell and LucidLink Filespace

By combining the capabilities of DataIntell and LucidLink, organizations can increase their efficiency and better control the cost of data. LucidLink provides fast access to data assets in the cloud, enabling seamless collaboration from anywhere without the need to download, sync, or copy files. DataIntell, on the other hand, enhances data management by providing analytics on storage, allowing organizations to make informed decisions on what data should be added, retained, or archived in LucidLink Filespace. Together, DataIntell and LucidLink offer a comprehensive solution that not only improves collaboration but also optimizes data intelligence.

Seamless Collaboration:

    • Global Access Benefit: LucidLink Filespace enables real-time global collaboration, overcoming geographical barriers.
    • Intelligent Data Processing: DataIntell enhances collaboration by providing intelligent data analytics for quick and informed decision-making.

Workflow Efficiency:

    • Fast Streaming Advantage: LucidLink Filespace offers fast streaming for efficient access and manipulation of large files, optimizing workflows.
    • Automated Data Processing: DataIntell automates data processing workflows, reducing manual tasks and increasing operational efficiency.

Enhanced Security:

    • Zero-Knowledge Encryption: LucidLink ensures data confidentiality with its end-to-end Zero-Knowledge encryption model using AES-256 and client-side encryption which maximizes security.
    • Smart Data Protection:  With SSO integration and granular control of the data, DataIntell applies advanced security measures to protect sensitive data.

Cost Optimization:

    • Usage-Based Payment Model: LucidLink allows users to optimize costs based on actual usage.
    • Improved Operational Efficiency: DataIntell contributes to cost optimization by automating processes, reducing errors, and improving operational efficiency.

LucidLink Filespace

How It Works

LucidLink Filespaces is a cloud file system for distributed workloads that works with any cloud storage. The service provides remote storage streamed over the Internet but accessed as if it was in your local computer or network.

About LucidLink Corporation

Driven by a shared vision, George Dochev and Peter Thompson founded LucidLink in 2016, pioneering the world’s first storage collaboration platform.

Enabling distributed teams to seamlessly collaborate over distance, LucidLink has become the trusted choice for organizations like A&E Networks, Spotify, Paramount, and Adobe.

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