Intelligent Data Management Services For Your Business – Improve Your Data Storage On-Prem and In The Cloud

Data is everything in today’s interconnected world, and it will only grow in importance moving forward. Most companies around the world, or at least the most successful ones, are now basing their processes and business decisions on data and information, for which they pay substantial amounts to securely store and use.

Intelligent data management is an essential part of data utilization and can greatly optimize the operations and finances of businesses. With the average company managing over 100 TB of data and a trend towards cloud storage, questions of security of information, classification, efficient file research and cost control are becoming central issues.

Having a data management platform providing you with features to track your storage usage, organize your data structure and integrates seamlessly with your existing API can bring you peace of mind and greater efficiency. This is what DataIntell’s management solution can offer your business.


What is Data Management?

Data management is the process of collecting, keeping, and using data and information in a safe, secure, cost-effective and efficient way

In the past, data, information, and files were kept as physical copies in offices and corporate buildings. Nowadays, with the rise of digital storage, big data and the cloud, businesses find themselves with a much greater quantity of all sorts of quality data. Intelligent data management’s goal is to protect your data, manage backup and recovery, remove inactive data and much more.

It goes without saying that the more customers your business or service may have, the more data and information you may find your business or service keeps in storage. Intelligent data management solutions such as DataIntell can reduce the complexity of managing growing volumes of data while also reducing the overall cost of storage for your enterprise.

DataIntell User interface on computer

Is there a need for intelligent data management?

Data management has always been a challenge for IT departments. With multiple storage sources (Cloud, SAn, NAS, DAS and more), it becomes difficult to manage all the data in a centralized way. This is likely to causes many problems for businesses:

Higher costs of storage

Every business accumulates data over the years and needs to store it for future use. This leads to a continuous increase in your stored storage costs, whether for the storage space itself, the staff or the management tools your team needs. To limit these costs, a quality data classification system is necessary and unused, or “cold”, data must be regularly removed to free space for new information.

A lack of central platform from which to manage your data

Most enterprises work with data stored in premises and in the cloud. This can be challenging when you don’t have access to a centralized view of your data, and is likely to increase the risk of duplicate files and waste of storage space. Having the tools to navigate and find files located anywhere in your storage structure is becoming essential.

Looking to save yourself the headache while keeping your business organized and your customers happy?

How does our data management software work for on-prem and cloud information?

DataIntell’s product is made to save businesses time and money by taking over specific IT tasks. Basically, it is designed to fulfill three roles: project management, duplicate and unused files identification, and high-speed advanced file search.

Project management

Our software allows for quick and instinctive classification of your folders and files in “projects”. They can be created to represent anything: a department, a client, a specific project or group, etc. Knowing the size, number of files and storage cost of each project is extremely beneficial for both budgeting, maintaining an organized data structure and taking advantage of analytics specific to the project.

Duplicate and unused files identification

At the moment and the frequency of your choosing, our software will scan your stored data infrastructure to search for potential file duplicates or “cold” data, which is data that remained unused for over 6 months. The scan speed is correlated to the size and nature of the data storage, but will be done in a way that will never impact your daily operations.

High speed, advanced search engine

The proprietary search engine included in our software is made to find folders and files faster in your infrastructure. Our users can take full advantage of it to sort and find data based on intelligent insights, filter searches using charts, download the search results and even create custom lists using a tagging feature.

The advantages of DataIntell’s data management services

1. Storage cost control

A growing clutter of customer data in your business storage could be a sign that data and information are sitting “cold”, meaning they have not been accessed in the last 6 months. Duplicate data could also be an issue, as the ever-growing cloud of customer information could be stored in multiple places, wasting valuable storage space.

DataIntell’s intelligent data management system regularly scans your data structure to identify cold or duplicate files, allowing you to reduce your costs, improve your efficiency and keep only quality data.

2. Intelligent data management

The sheer amount of data stored by businesses makes information search a challenge, and having a weak data classification will often lead to the loss of valuable information. Even worse, it wastes the time and efforts of your employees and IT departments. DataIntell has answered this issue, allowing you to monitor specific projects, groups or folders scattered through your infrastructure and search your data with our proprietary search engine.

3. Instinctive, easy-to-use interface

The interface of DataItell’s software is designed for efficiency. The dashboard provides you with a global picture of your data: biggest storage variations, most active projects, file utilization, duplicated files, etc. Making informed decisions is easier than ever, as the data analytics you need are presented to you in a clear and concise way, thanks to an interface permitting visual project information!

Our user-friendly interface is designed to work just as well on a computer, a phone or a tablet: take advantage of quick analysis graphics, latest activity snapshots, and time frame filters from anywhere.

4. Management and protection of both in cloud and on-prem data

DataIntell storage solution is also available for the cloud, where users simply need a small VM on premises to scan the data infrastructure. With cloud hosting, efficiently managing and monitoring your data while saving on storage costs is easy to do. Take advantage of our data governance from anywhere, all you need is a good internet access to get the storage support you need.

Contact us for more information about our data governance

Would you like some additional information on our storage platform? Do not hesitate to contact us, our team of experts will be happy to answer your questions and show you how DataIntell can help you with your data storage needs!

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What is our innovative project view?

Our intelligent platform offers an innovative “project” based data classification, where selected files are gathered within a project even when scattered across multiple storage. Optimize your data governance by reuniting data from different sources, such as SAN, NAS, DAS, Cloud and more, in the same projects thanks to our API. Our innovative interface will present you with clickable projects, storage and files to view information quickly.

What impact can intelligent data governance have on your business?

Save big on storage costs

Through our years of experience, we discovered that enterprises often have as much as 40% of their storage left untouched for over 6 months. This “cold storage” is a significant source of expenses: for a data storage of 1 PB (1000 thousand gigabytes) of various memory, it can cost upward of $100,000 per year to maintain this unused data. Take action today to avoid this situation!

Facilitate tracking department or project budgets

DataIntell’s innovative feature allows you to calculate how much a folder or project costs you monthly or annually, while providing you with options to reduce this expense. Having access to this information allows your organization to better allocate budgets and optimize the money they are putting into data storage moving forward.