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Data is everything

Data is everything in today’s interconnected world, and it will only grow in importance moving forward. Most companies around the world, or at least the most successful ones, are now basing their processes and business decisions on data and information, for which they pay substantial amounts to securely store and use.

Intelligent data management is essential to avoid problems

Intelligent data management is an essential part of data utilization and can greatly optimize the operations and finances of businesses. With the average company managing over 100 TB of data and a trend towards cloud storage, questions of security of information, classification, efficient file research and cost control are becoming central issues.

Data management has always been a challenge for IT departments. With multiple storage sources (Cloud, SAn, NAS, DAS and more), it becomes difficult to manage all the data in a centralized way. This is likely to causes many problems for businesses.

Issues businesses can meet

without intelligent data management

Security of information

Security of information

Organizations need solutions to protect their data from accidental or deliberate damage or destruction and from unauthorized users and uses. It’s an area that is of critical importance to enterprises because most data breaches are ultimately caused by a failure in data storage security. Having a layer of security intelligence that detects unusual and potentially harmful attempts to access or exploit storage is becoming a key feature for data security.

Higher costs of storage

Higher costs of storage

Every business accumulates data over the years and needs to store it for future use. This leads to a continuous increase in your stored storage costs, whether for the storage space itself, the staff or the management tools your team needs. To limit these costs, a quality data classification system is necessary and unused, or “cold”, data must be regularly removed to free space for new information.

A lack of central platform from which to manage your data

A lack of central platform from which to manage your data

Most enterprises work with data stored in premises and in the cloud. This can be challenging when you don’t have access to a centralized view of your data, and is likely to increase the risk of duplicate files and waste of storage space. Having the tools to navigate and find files located anywhere in your storage structure is becoming essential.


Intelligent Data Management Platform

Having a data management platform providing you with features to track your storage usage, organize your data structure and integrates seamlessly with your existing API can bring you peace of mind and greater efficiency. This is what DataIntell’s management solution can offer your business.


What is Data Management?

Data management is the process of collecting, keeping, and using data and information in a safe, secure, cost-effective and efficient way.

In the past, data, information, and files were kept as physical copies in offices and corporate buildings. Nowadays, with the rise of digital storage, big data and the cloud, businesses find themselves with a much greater quantity of all sorts of quality data. Intelligent data management’s goal is to protect your data, manage backup and recovery, remove inactive data and much more.

Protect your data

Manage backup

Remove inactive data

Avoid date duplication

Reduce time and cost

It goes without saying that the more customers your business or service may have, the more data and information you may find your business or service keeps in storage. Intelligent data management solutions such as DataIntell can reduce the complexity of managing growing volumes of data while also reducing the overall cost of storage for your enterprise.


How does our data management software work for on-prem and cloud information?

DataIntell’s product is made to save businesses time and money by taking over specific IT tasks. Basically, it is designed to fulfill three roles: project management, duplicate and unused files identification, and high-speed advanced file search.


Project management

Our software allows for quick and instinctive classification of your folders and files in “projects”. They can be created to represent anything: a department, a client, a specific project or group, etc. Knowing the size, number of files and storage cost of each project is extremely beneficial for both budgeting, maintaining an organized data structure and taking advantage of analytics specific to the project.


Duplicate and unused files identification

At the moment and the frequency of your choosing, our software will scan your stored data infrastructure to search for potential file duplicates or “cold” data, which is data that remained unused for over 6 months. The scan speed is correlated to the size and nature of the data storage, but will be done in a way that will never impact your daily operations.


High speed, advanced search engine

The proprietary search engine included in our software is made to find folders and files faster in your infrastructure. Our users can take full advantage of it to sort and find data based on intelligent insights, filter searches using charts, download the search results and even create custom lists using a tagging feature.


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