Data Management Services – Optimize your Storage with Powerful Data Management

The capabilities for modern businesses to collect data from different sources are constantly improving, and leveraging your available data is a key aspect of competitiveness. However, it is easier said than done, with many enterprises having thousands upon thousands of different files. The sheer amount of data stored by businesses makes using it efficiently a challenge, not to mention expensive.

There is a need for efficient data management

Data management services have multiple applications and can answer many important questions and issues organizations have:

  • Your documents and files are hard to organize and keep track of?
  • Your business has expanded online and you need a central platform from which to manage your storage?
  • You would like to lower your growing data storage costs?

All the answers to your data issues can be found with the right data management services!

What is Dataintell?

Dataintell is the solution to all of your data management needs. An application for storage analytics and data management, we are dedicated to offering you a streamlined yet effective way to manage your data in an understanding and easy manner! Offering multiple different data management services, our tools help you identify old or unused data files, give insights into data changes, analyze your data use, storage and cost, and more!

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Why is it important to have good Data Management?

Unorganized data leads to duplicates and storage costs

You may not know it, but having old data and files that you may not have accessed in a long time can actually cost you money! Similarly, having duplicate data or empty storage can also cost you money. In our experience, we at Dataintell have discovered that many companies and businesses, as well as individuals, have up to 40% of their online data storage sitting untouched for over 6 months.

This redundant information is something we label “cold data”. If cold data is left unchecked, it can really ramp up storage and data costs for either you or your business. One thousand gigabytes of storage (1 TB) can cost up to $100,000 per year, a significant sum if the data is not properly used.


Data storages are hybrid without a central data management platform

Businesses of today are managing a hybrid cloud environment, where data is found both in cloud and on-premise storages. Without the proper tools to manage your entire data storage from a central point, the risk of duplicate files and waste of storage space increases significantly.

Optimizing your storage and keeping your costs under control requires navigating and finding files located anywhere in your storage, a time consuming and inaccurate job without the right platform.

How will our management salutations help your data storage?

Dataintell is primarily an application focussed around data management services, where you will be able to:

  • Discover the true cost of your data storage
  • Data analytics and insights
  • Track and Monitor data storage use
  • Monitor specific projects/groups or folders
  • Know how much to charge clients based on their data storage usage
  • Integrate your workflow through our API

Better visibility of you data assets

DataIntell’s data management closely monitors your data storage through regular scans of your data structure to identify cold or duplicate files, allowing you to reduce your costs, improve your efficiency and keep only quality data.

Big data management insights just a click away

DataIntell offers our users information they need in a concise way with a global picture of your data: biggest storage variations, most active projects, file utilization, duplicated files, etc. Our user-friendly interface is designed to work just as well on a computer, a phone or a tablet: take advantage of quick analysis graphics, latest activity snapshots, and time frame filters from anywhere.

High speed, advanced search engine

The proprietary search engine included in our software is made to find folders and files faster in your infrastructure. Our users can take full advantage of it to sort and find data based on intelligent insights, filter searches using charts, download the search results and even create custom lists using a tagging feature.

Track your department and project storage budgets

DataIntell’s innovative feature allows you to calculate how much a folder or project costs you monthly or annually, while providing you with options to reduce this expense. Having access to this information allows your organization to better allocate budgets and optimize the money they are putting into data storage moving forward.

Our successful data management partnerships

Mels logo

DataIntell helps us better plan our provisioning of new storage and handle our data migration through its deployment. By understanding the impact of data on our processes, we have optimized our workflows to better respond to our needs.

Philippe Hamelin, Sr Manager Operations Development, Difuze

DataIntell’s powerful search engine provides a secure and easy way for our users to find any file. With its single pane of glass view, we can search for files throughout our multi-location infrastructure.

General Manager, a Digital Solutions Company

Dataintell gives us the visibility into our multi-San storage environment like no other tool has. It helps us daily in understanding storage usage across the company, as well as tracking project based files across multiple sans. Dataintell has given us insight into storage habits that we would have never seen without it.

Alan Wiseman, Director Production Technology, MELS Studios

With a career dedicated in providing various storage solutions, a simple, consolidated data management tool was what my customers seemed to lack.   I am very impressed with the approach that the Dataintell storage analytics product team has taken.   Its feature rich capabilities enables senior management to plan, budget and peer into who, what, when and where their storage platforms are consumed.  For our storage IT teams, it enables them to quickly provision and make the best use of these limited assets.   Well done DataIntell!!

Wade Kean, Director Technical Solutions, F2 Technologies

DataIntell is an incredible tool that enables facilities to find that elusive metric of data cost amortization. DataIntell’s analytics and reporting help users better manage their storage tiers, freeing up space, and more effectively plan their upgrade cycles for capacity or performance or both.

Caspian Brand, Distribution Channel Manager, DDP Americas

On-premises and cloud data management

DataIntell data management services are also available on the cloud, where users simply need a small VM on premises to scan the infrastructure. With cloud hosting, efficiently managing and monitoring your data while saving on storage costs is easy to do. Take advantage of DataIntell from anywhere, all you need is internet access.

Contact us for more information about our data management services

Do not hesitate to contact us, our team of experts will be happy to answer your questions and show you how DataIntell can help you with your data management needs!

Learn more about DataIntell’s data management tools

What are data management services?

Data management is simply the manner in which you organize data, it is the process of collecting, keeping, and using data and information in a safe, secure, cost-effective and efficient way. Managing large volumes of various data comes with its challenges, and not all businesses have the infrastructures required for good data management. For those companies, data management services are the solution.

Whether it is finding and removing cold files, deleting multiple copies of the same document, or simply reorganizing and efficiently allocating data, data management services offer businesses the platform to monitor their data and operate efficiently. Dataintell’s data management solution provides you with efficiency, simplicity, and effectiveness when it comes to your data!

What is Dataintell’s project-based approach?

At Dataintell, we know and understand only too well how important clarity and organization can be when it comes to data management. Our goal as a data management service is to allow you to customize your own compartmentalization so that you may gain access to your own data quickly and easily. Our app provides you with a project-wide view of all of your related data to a certain project across multiple storage accounts and types.

When connected to our API, you may access data files from anywhere such as SAN, NAS, DAS, the Cloud and more when using our data management service app. This allows you to:

  • Federate data from different storage units
  • Visualize each project allocated space
  • Accurately account for and cost, all data associated with any given project
  • Make a decision effectively based on metadata analytics and information
  • Get notified on project usage based on your specific criteria

What impact can efficient data management have on your business?

Save big on storage costs

Through our years of experience, we discovered that enterprises often have as much as 40% of their storage left untouched for over 6 months. This “cold storage” is a significant source of expenses: for a data storage of 1 PB (1000 thousand gigabytes) of various memory, it can cost upward of $100,000 per year to maintain this unused data. Take action today to avoid this situation!

Facilitate tracking department or project budgets

DataIntell’s innovative feature allows you to calculate how much a folder or project costs you monthly or annually, while providing you with options to reduce this expense. Having access to this information allows your organization to better allocate budgets and optimize the money they are putting into data storage moving forward.

Are my information and data safe when using DataIntell?

DataIntell storage solution is also available for the cloud, where users simply need a small VM on premises to scan the data infrastructure. With cloud hosting, efficiently managing and monitoring your data while saving on storage costs is easy to do, all that’s left is the question of security.

DataIntell offers a high level of security for your private cloud information, to ensure only those authorized to access your data do so. Finding the balance between good online security and break prevention and allowing those who need the information to access it quickly is essential. Take advantage of DataIntell’s various levels of permission throughout your organization to keep your data secure.

Have other businesses successfully used our data management services? has provided its data management services to numerous businesses and customers around the world. Such happy and successful clients include Difuze, a Digital Solutions Company, MELS Studios, F2 Technologies, DDP Americas, and more! Try our data management services today with our app, and never lose track of your data again!

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