See what’s on your storage, discover patterns, take control

To run today’s production workflow, several categories of storage are needed. The range goes from fast production storage, lower tier and shared storage, long-term archive, to cold storage and cloud. These different kinds are spread out over several devices by multiple vendors with multiple interfaces. Some might be on desks, some rack-mount, some remote, or even in data centres in the cloud. For this reason, it can be called storage landscape. But what happens on these storage devices? How does this change over time? And what cost is incurred?


of the solution

Installed and set up in minutes

Easy to use web interface

Find duplicated files between multiple storage sources and Archiware P5 Archive

Stretch your budget with S3 compatible storage

 Monitor archive storage use over time

Real-world statistics of usage and capacity

 Find files in all your P5 Archive indexes

Simple tracking of files and directories

Solid storage strategy

Cost savings and transparency

Archiware P5 already offers some insight into the storage used for Backup and Archive with its overview interface. But what happens on the production storage, on the NAS systems, the SAN, the RAIDs and the cloud storage? This is where DataIntell comes into play and offers an elegant and comprehensive insight into the present state and dynamics over time. Whether it’s the file count, the total size or the growth over time, DataIntell displays all information in detail in the browser. With its P5 Archive integration, it even displays data about the Archive storage used by P5 Archive.

To control cost, DataIntell offers calculation of the cost of any storage, allowing the user to track expenses and adjust accordingly. A scan for duplicate files shows the potential to delete files and free up space. Files that have not been touched in month, “cold data”, can and should be moved to the Archive. Files and directories that are spread over several storage devices can be tracked as a project: something that has been near impossible before.

With DataIntell, the complete storage landscape becomes transparent. Decisions on expansion and storage strategy have a solid foundation based on real-world statistics of usage and free capacity. The resulting cost savings and transparency start to pay off immediately and even more so in the long run when planning for the future. Efficient expansion where storage is actually needed most becomes easier. Operation of the storage improves from the reduced file count and removed duplicates from clear usage patterns and daily overview and analysis.

The decision which files to migrate to the archive becomes rational and clear. This way, the cold archive storage on LTO tape can play out its cost benefits to the max and pay off. DataIntell is a powerful companion to Archiware P5. Where P5 takes care of the backup, replication and archive to protect all files, DataIntell offers automatic monitoring over the complete storage landscape

About Archiware P5 Suite

Archiware’s P5 Software Platform consists of four modules, which each serve different data management purposes.

  • Protect data on all levels in ONE solution: Archive, Backup, Cloning/Replication
  • Quick install + Easy to use
  • Give access to all in the company to Backup + Archive
  • Save time finding files with Archive as Single Source of truth
  • Save money and storage by migrating file storage Archive
  • Keep investment future proof and flexible: using disk, tape and cloud storage; OS and storage agnostic; many partners and integrations

The Archiware P5 suite offers different modules.
Use individually or combined to achieve maximum data security:

P5 Archive

Move or migrate data offline to disk, tape and cloud.

P5 Backup

Back up server data to disk, tape and cloud.

P5 Synchronize

Replicate data to ensure high availability.

P5 Data Mover

Migrate and copy data between archive storage.

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