Welcome to DataIntell 1.9.2, an update that marks a significant leap in storage intelligence and user experience. This release focuses on:

• Refining data visualization in the Project section giving you more power to analyze and track individual projects.
• More detailed reporting is now available through a revamped PDF report.
• Broadening your data management options with easy integration of Azure Cloud Storage.
• Substantial improvements in application maintenance and management.
• Future features by introducing beta features.

Discover the enhanced capabilities of DataIntell 1.9.2 that lift your storage and data management and analytics capabilities to a new level.

Enhancements to the Project Section

Redefined Size Chart with Share Integration

In our quest to provide more detailed and user-friendly data visualization, the size chart in the Project section has undergone a significant transformation. Now, it includes various shares within a project, offering a more comprehensive view of your data distribution. This enhanced chart is also interactive. Clicking on the legend allows users to visualize the project without specific shares, offering insights into their impact on the overall project size. Furthermore, a simple click on the chart directs users to the Search section, with filters applied to display only the files located on a selected share within the project. This integration streamlines the process of data analysis, making it more intuitive and efficient.

Timeline Chart with Enhanced Share Visibility

We’ve also updated the timeline chart to include different shares in a project. Initially, opening the project will present the familiar view, but with a twist: now, users can alter which shares are displayed. This feature is particularly useful for identifying which shares are consuming the most space in a project and understanding the growth trajectory of each share. Such insights are crucial for effective data management and strategic planning.

Optimized Overview Excel Report

We have made a change to the overview Excel report in the Project section to improve responsiveness. The folder list, which previously formed part of this report, has been removed. This modification significantly reduces the time required to generate the report, streamlining the process for users. For those who still need detailed folder insights, the folder list remains accessible through the dedicated folder list report.

Revamped PDF Report in the Volume Details Section

Concise One-Page Format

The PDF report has been restructured to present all necessary information on a single page. This transformation provides users with a quick yet comprehensive view of their storage, ensuring that vital information is immediately available for rational budgeting and planning.

Optimized Data Presentation

The clarity of data presentation directly impacts decision-making. Therefore, we have optimized the clarity of our charts and reworked the presentation of data in the PDF report. The inclusion of a clear legend and the logical organization of information make it easier than ever to interpret and utilize the data effectively.

Azure Cloud Storage Integration

Seamless Integration

Integrating Azure into DataIntell is straightforward and user-friendly. Users can easily link their Azure storage by simply using the connection string from the Azure interface.

Comprehensive Documentation

To assist users in setting up and optimizing their Azure Cloud Storage integration, we’ve prepared detailed documentation. This guide can be accessed at DataIntell’s Azure Integration Documentation It provides step-by-step instructions and useful tips to ensure a smooth integration process.

Advanced Maintenance and Management Features

Simplified Application Restart

Enhancing operational convenience, users can now restart the application directly from the General Configuration section. This streamlines the maintenance process, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

Enhanced License Management

• MAC Address Display: The MAC addresses of servers are now visible in the General Configuration section, facilitating quick and easy access to essential information required for new license procurement.
• File-based License Addition: Adding new licenses has been simplified, allowing users to upload the license file directly, eliminating the need for manual content pasting.

Efficient Snapshot Management

Users can now delete snapshots from the General Configuration section. This feature is crucial for freeing up server space or removing corrupted snapshots, providing more control over storage management of the database.

Enhanced Job Control

• Restart of Failed Jobs: This new feature enables users to restart jobs that ended with warnings or failures, focusing on the volumes that encountered issues.
• Detailed Failure Information: Now, more comprehensive details regarding job failures are available, offering better insights and diagnostics.
• Cancellation Options for Jobs: A new functionality in the Job section allows for the cancellation of all waiting, running, or queued jobs, granting greater control over job management.
• Limit on Job Queues: To prevent indefinite job queuing, a limit on the number of jobs of the same type that can be queued has been introduced, customizable in the General Settings section.

Refined Scan Options

Initiating scans from the Data Management section or setting schedules in the Schedule section now includes a Folder Tree with pre-selected volumes. This update provides users with the flexibility to select specific volumes for scanning, moving beyond the previous all-or-one choice.

Beta Features

DataIntell 1.9.2 introduce beta features that give users early access to the latest innovations. This approach not only readies the application for upcoming functionalities but also invites users to be a part of the development journey.

Enhanced Storage Scanning with Advanced Statistics

• Rich Statistical Data: The scanning process now captures a wealth of statistical data, enriching the analytical depth of storage information. These statistics, accessible in the Volume Details section, include File Size distribution, list of the most used extensions, access date distribution, Cloud Storage file type distribution and much more.
• Foundation for Future Insights: This enhancement brings an addition of data points and paves the way for future features that will leverage these statistics to provide even more detailed and granular insights into storage usage and trends.

Windows OS Support for Scanner Application

Embracing the Windows ecosystem, the scanner application is now fully compatible with Windows OS, enhancing our cross-platform support.

For the full release note: https://dataintell.io/release-note/