With the P5 integration of DataIntell, the complete storage landscape becomes transparent. Decisions on expansion and storage strategy have a solid foundation based on real-world statistics of usage and free capacity. The resulting cost savings and transparency start to pay off immediately and even more so in the long run when planning for the future. You can optimize archives when DataIntell and P5 are working together.

Efficient expansion where storage is actually needed most becomes easier. Operation of the storage improves from the reduced file count and removed duplicates from clear usage patterns and daily overview and analysis.

1. Navigation

The P5 indexes are treated like a volume in DataIntell. This way it is very easy to navigate within an archive from the File Management section. It lists all the folders and files in the archive as easily as with any other type of storage.

2. Cost planning

With the help of the project section, it is now possible to stay on top of the costs of a project by tracking the data scattered between on-premises, cloud and tape storage. This feature makes it easy to forecast your tape purchase costs as well as your long-term archive storage expenses

3. Search & Analytics

The search engine easily allows you to find any file located in your archives. By displaying the details of a file, you can easily find out if an archived file pre-exists elsewhere in the infrastructure, whether it is on-premises or cloud.

The reverse is also possible, such as verifying if a saved on-premises file has an active duplicate in the archives.

Lastly, with the aid of graphics, the search engine also allows you to visualize the data found in an archive. We can see the breakdown by type of extension, number of duplicate files or even see the date of modification of the files in the archives.

The decision which files to migrate to the archive becomes rational and clear. This way, the cold archive storage on LTO tape can play out its cost benefits to the max and pay off. DataIntell is a powerful companion to Archiware P5. Where P5 takes care of the backup, replication and archive to protect all files, DataIntell offers automatic monitoring over the complete storage landscape.

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