As technology continues to advance and companies undergo a digital transformation, data is being generated faster and on a larger scale. As a result, efficient and reliable storage is needed to be able to keep all the information safe and to be able to access it when necessary. Data storage experienced many innovations over the years, with digital data storage being the norm today. In this article, we give you 7 good reasons to store data electronically.


What is meant by electronic storage?

Electronic storage refers to the administrative and computer processes that make it possible to store all types of documents in digital media, ensuring their security against possible threats or access by third parties.

It may also involve the use of removable storage devices, capable of storing information inside chips, as well as electric current flow technologies. Its writing mechanism consists of a set of voltage microvariations when connected to a specialized port (USB port). For example, pen drives, MicroSD cards, or NAND Flash technology are some of them.


Does it really matter how you store your data?

How you store your data does matter. Although you can choose which data storage method you choose, you must be aware of the advantages and disadvantages that each solution offers. You should also be aware of the obligations that the General Data Protection Regulation imposes on these document management solutions.


Is electronic document storage good for every business?

Electronic document storage is one of the features of the numeric era that has proven to be good for every business. Even business processes that require a hard paper copy of documents numerically store them on cloud storage systems for ease of access and to optimize their business.

Electronic document management is a practical solution to many inconveniences. For example, if there is a fire and important documents are burned, or if you do not have the physical space to store documents effectively. Electronic document management software has become a nexus of crucial information for many companies as all important documents remain electronically accessible and safeguarded from human error.

Electronic data storage is highly recommended, as files do not run the same risk that paper may face, in addition to helping you save space in your office. DataIntell makes its servers available to clients and takes care of electronic maintenance so that you don’t have to invest in a company server. Without a doubt, having digital documents is one of the most effective ways to record and store all the data and documents pertinent to your operations.

What exactly is a file management system?


What are the benefits of electronic data storage?

There are many benefits to electronic data storage and its importance will only augment as technology becomes an integral part of society and business processes. Electronic data storage provides a competitive advantage for the following reasons:

  1. File organization
  2. Lower operating cost
  3. Integration with accounting system
  4. Environmentally sustainable
  5. Lower human error
  6. Increased security
  7. Better accessibility

1. File organization

Electronic data storage converts all the papers that arrive at a company (tickets, invoices, vouchers, expense sheets, etc.) into a structured and organized database. Each of these individual pieces of paper becomes a unique and structured digital record that is much easier to consult.

Using paper to store all the information you accumulate over the years is not convenient. Searching for documents in a room full of cabinets, drawers, and folders is quite cumbersome, tedious, not to say time-consuming. Companies that use electronic data storage turn out to be more efficient, since they don’t have to invest in additional space to keep documents due to the digital transformation of their business processes.

An electronic data storage system offers a document management solution where you can separate and categorize documents according to information such as creation date, file type, etc. Everything is organized and accessible with a simple click.


2. Lower operating costs

If you pay for the service of another company to store all your information electronically, the only thing you have to pay for is the fee of the service. There is no need to use other mediums to back up all the information, so storage overhead is reduced. By outsourcing this service you will also save on the price of building your own servers and having to pay for IT services.


3. Integration with the accounting system

Another advantage of storing data electronically is its integration with the accounting system. There are many possibilities, ranging from a simple query of digitized documents to automatic accounting. There are not many limits to the possibilities of document management software, which even facilitates the validation of invoices or expense notes remotely. Today, almost all modern financial information systems are designed to be able to integrate with electronic data.


4. Environmentally sustainable

Environmental sustainability should be an essential principle for the operation of all businesses, in addition to being a reputational argument that improves the image of companies with the public. The elimination of paper and materials such as toner from printers directly affects the sustainability of your business processes.


5. Lower human error

Having all your files under control and managed through a structured database makes it more difficult to lose documents. Digital files can have multiple copies, even in different locations, eliminating the risk of possible accidents or errors. In addition, the information can be on a company server and an external server at the same time, eliminating the legal risks of losing all documentation. Today, the cost of memory and digital space is decreasing, and maintaining backups is very easy.


6. Increased security

Security is one of the most important aspects of all corporate documents. Unauthorized access to confidential or sensitive files can generate many financial losses and greatly damage the trust of customers towards the company. Fortunately, good electronic document management software and cloud storage services are secure and offer systems to ensure that documents and files are always protected against any threat.


7. Better accessibility

If you incorporate documents, videos, photos, or any type of files in your electronic data storage software, you will be able to access them from your mobile device. Not only that, but most providers allow you to upload, download and modify these files in real-time, whether you use Windows, iOS, Google Chrome, Android, or another operating system.

The technology of an electronic data storage system always protects your files in case your device fails, giving you the option to access them again with your username and password reliably. They also offer you the option of organizing the files as you want within the platform, being able to create folders, change the names or edit the accesses.


What’s the best way to store data electronically?

Data is everything in today’s interconnected world, and it will only grow in importance moving forward. Most companies around the world, or at least the most successful ones, are now basing their business processes and decisions on data and information, for which they pay substantial amounts to securely store and use. With the average company managing over 100 TB of data, it’s crucial to have a place to consult this information effectively.

There is a big trend in the business sector towards cloud-based storage, security of information, classification, efficient file research, and cost control. Having a data management platform provides features to monitor storage usage, organize data structure and integrate seamlessly with existing API which brings peace of mind and greater efficiency.

Optimize Your Data


Securely store your data with DataIntell

DataIntell’s Data Management Software is made to save businesses time and money by taking over specific IT tasks. It is designed to fulfill three roles: 

Project management

DataIntell’s electronic document management software allows for quick and instinctive classification of your folders and files in projects. They can be created to represent anything: a department, a client, a specific project or group, etc. Knowing the size, the number of files and storage cost of each project is extremely beneficial for both budgeting, maintaining an organized data structure while taking advantage of analytics specific to the project.


Duplicate and unused files identification

At the moment and the frequency of your choosing, our software will scan your stored data infrastructure to search for potential file duplicates or “cold” data, which is data that remained unused for over 6 months. The scan speed is correlated to the size and nature of the data storage but will be done in a way that will never impact your daily operations.


High speed, advanced search engine

The proprietary search engine included in our software is made to find folders and files faster in your infrastructure. Our users can take full advantage of it to sort and find data based on intelligent insights, filter searches using charts, download the search results and even create custom lists using a tagging feature.

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