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In today’s world, data is becoming an essential part of any successful business. Whether you are a company collecting data on your consumers or an enterprise with thousands of folders containing precious information, your storage often contains duplicate folders, redundant information or “cold data”, which is data you haven’t accessed in over 6 months. Over a long period, these can become significant expenses if left unchecked, which is why DataIntell has developed an application for storage analytics and data management. Stay in control with DataIntell!


What is DataIntell

DataIntell is an application designed to help you better understand your data and storage utilization. This analytic tool helps identify old and unused files and gives better insights into data changes, file duplication and used space overtime. It is designed to help deal with managing large amounts of data growth and provide detailed, user-friendly and accurate analytics of your data use, storage and cost, allowing you to optimize your storage and monitor its usage, whether it be in-prem or on the cloud!

Our application is the best solution to:

  • Discover the true cost of storage, analytics and insights

  • Track and monitor your storage usage

  • Monitor specific projects, groups or folders scattered through your infrastructure

  • Know what to charge your clients based on their storage usage

  • Integrate with your existing workflow through our API

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Why do you need DataIntell’s analytics?

Our data management application is the answer to many questions enterprises ask themselves when it comes to storage:

1. Are you always looking for free storage space?

2. Do you know the total space used in each of your projects?

3. Do you waste time finding duplicate files or searching unused data and figuring out what to delete and what to archive?

For most of us, the answer to those questions is yes. If so, you need a turnkey solution that can save your time, optimize your storage limit and give you a vision to take control of your storage infrastructure cost.

Our successful storage partnerships

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DataIntell’s powerful search engine provides a secure and easy way for our users to find any file. With its single pane of glass view, we can search for files throughout our multi-location infrastructure.

General Manager, a Digital Solutions Company

DataIntell helps us better plan our provisioning of new storage and handle our data migration through its deployment. By understanding the impact of data on our processes, we have optimized our workflows to better respond to our needs.

Philippe Hamelin, Sr Manager Operations Development, Difuze

Each time we encounter a problem related to our storage, we use DataIntell to get a global view and better understand the issue.  With its simple and intuitive approach, DataIntell helps us to solve complex situations within our infrastructure.

Director Production Technology, a Media Solutions company

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Our analytics services

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New and improved file and data management

Our application is all about being able to easily navigate and discover the files located anywhere in your storage infrastructure. A centralized view of your storage and the appropriate tool to navigate will help you find patterns that are potentially costing you thousands of dollars in storage costs every year. Duplicate files or documents unused in over 6 months can now be identified easily thanks to our analytics services.

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Our new “project approach” to data management

DataIntell provides a project-wide view of all the files related to it that may be scattered across multiple storage. Take advantage of having all your types of storage connected to our API, such as SAN, NAS, DAS, Cloud and more.

  • Federate data from different storage units
  • Visualize each project allocated space
  • Accurately account for and cost, all data associated with any given project
  • Make a decision effectively based on metadata analytics and information
  • Get notified on project usage based on your criteria
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Advantages of DataIntell’s data management solution

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Instinctive dashboard for an overview of your most important storage information

DataIntell’s dashboard gives you a quick overview of your biggest storage variations, most active projects, file utilization, duplicated files, etc. At a glance, you have access to the analytics that matter most to you: make informed decisions thanks to an interface permitting visual project information! Take advantage of:

  • Analytics’s graphics for quick analysis
  • Snapshot of your latest activities
  • Filter by specific time frame
  • Clickable projects, storage and files to view information quickly

User-friendly interface

Access your content anywhere at any time with the responsive web design that works seamlessly on your phone, tablet and computer. DataIntell offers a friendly interface for maximum productivity.

We are on the cloud too!

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Get the storage support you need from anywhere in the world

DataIntell storage solution is also available for the cloud, where users simply need a small VM on premises to scan the infrastructure. With cloud hosting, efficiently managing and monitoring your data while saving on storage costs is easy to do. Take advantage of DataIntell from anywhere, all you need is internet access.


What impact can DataIntell data storage solution have on your finances?

Save on storage costs

Through our years of experience, we discovered that enterprises often have as much as 40% of their storage left untouched for over 6 months. This “cold storage” is a significant source of expenses: for a data storage of 1 PB (1000 thousand gigabytes) of various memory, it can cost upward of $100,000 per year to maintain this unused data. Take action today to avoid this situation!

Facilitate tracking department or project budgets

DataIntell’s innovative feature allows you to calculate how much a folder or project costs you monthly or annually, while providing you with options to reduce this expense. Having access to this information allows your organization to better allocate budgets and optimize the money they are putting into data storage moving forward.

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