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Data is an essential part of any successful business. Whether it is data on your customers, data for your production or media files for marketing. Over time, the storage landscape becomes complex. Management of storage and data becomes a challenge. Multiple storage devices fulfill multiple requirements. They often contain duplicate directories, redundant files of “cold data”, that has not been accessed in months.

Getting answers to thoses questions is a prerequisite to efficient and rational storage management. DataIntell offers these answers and gives a solid understanding of what’s happening on all your storage devices being it SAN, NAS, RAID or Cloud storage.

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What is DataIntell

Control your storage, Control your files

DataIntell helps you better understand your data and storage utilization. DataIntell automatically gathers detailed insights into data changes and used space over time. It identifies old and unused files and makes dealing with large amounts of data on multiple storage devices easy. From the browser you can see details of each storage section and look at all existing directories. Graphs display filling state, dynamic over time and list of files in directories. Additionally, cost can be associated to each storage category to calculate financial expenses.

Filtering allows to monitor specific projects, directories or files even if distributed over the storage landscape.

This way, optimizing storage becomes easy and efficient.


Analyze cost of different storage devices.

Monitor and track your storage usage

Monitor specific projects, groups or folders scattered through your infrastructure

Charge clients storage use and monetize your storage

Individual integration with existing workflow via API


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Why do you need DataIntell’s analytics?

Our data management application is the answer to many questions enterprises ask themselves when it comes to storage:


Are you always looking for free storage space?


Do you have trouble knowing the total space used in each of your projects?


Do you waste time finding duplicate files or searching unused data and figuring out what to delete and what to archive?

For most of us, the answer to those questions is yes.

If so, you need a turnkey solution that can save your time, optimize your storage limit and give you a vision to take control of your storage infrastructure cost.


What impact can DataIntell data storage
solution have on your finances?

Monitor your complete storage landscape on-prem and cloud

Take rational storage decisions based on usage data

Monitor data growth

Monitor selected directories or files

Increase efficiency of your storage use

Optimize your storage landscape and data and save costs

DataIntell increases efficiency of storage use, reduces complexity and offers continuous analytics and stats of your storage and data.

Through years of experience, we discovered that enterprises often have as much as 40% of their data left untouched for over 6 months. This “cold data” is a significant source of expenses. With the file countprobability of human errors increases because navigation becomes complex. Managing data, reducing duplicates and migrating to archive all contribute increasing efficiency. All these factors contribute to more economic storage use and rational investment. Increased storage efficiency contributes to production, reduces error rates and leads to cost savings.

Take control of your storage landscape and data!

Facilitate tracking department or project budgets

DataIntell’s innovative feature allows you to calculate how much a folder or project costs you monthly or annually, while providing you with options to reduce this expense.

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